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Custom Embroidery Services in Arizona – Estrella Embroidery

670g pump Embroidery is a very professional way to display your business or organization.  Embroidery services usually charge a set up fee because the artwork needs to be digitized which means it needs to be converted into art that is a sewable graphic.  The cost of embroidery depends on the amount of stitches needed to complete your image.  The machines stitch a design into fabric with a high speed, computerized sewing machine.  Embroidery is restricted to a more simplistic graphic with big lettering and is usually only on the top corner or pocket of a shirt.  Embroidery is raised and looks very professional and expensive.  Most embroidery is done on heavier polo shirts, hats, jackets jerseys and bags.  Many people embroider baby blankets with the newborns name, birth date weight and length.

Garwolin sites de rencontre midi pyrenees If you need an embroidery company is Phoenix, AZ please contact Be Markable.  We will help you design a graphic perfect to embroider and your business will be noticed.

Digital Printing, BeMarkable.comDirect to Garment Printing Services in Phoenix AZ Direct to Garment printing or DTG Printing is a process of printing on tshirts or other garments with a special, high resolution printer which provides a colorful, crisp print!  Direct to Garment printing is the most common print method and is also the most cost effective.  You can get small quantities of shirts or custom tshirt printed cheap with direct to garment printing.  DTG is also more precise and takes much less time which allows Be Markable to have quick turnaround times.

site 100% gay Pop People ask if Direct to Garment ink lasts as long as the screen printed ink.  The answer is ABSOLUTELY, and many times it lasts longer.  The ink on the DTG tshirts will be comfortable, will not crack or peel and will look great after many washes.  Usually the shirt wears out before the DTG graphic.  For more information on Direct to Garment printing in Phoenix, AZ, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Screen Printing, BeMarkable.comScreen Printing Services in Phoenix, AZ

Screen printing has been used for years.  Most of the time there is a set up fee associated with screen printing because a stencil needs to be created first, which is why many screen printers have a minimum order requirement. Once the mesh stencil is made and framed the operator then manually squeegees the ink, one color at a time, through the appropriate screens/mesh stencils.  This process takes a long time and is much more labor intensive then the newer printing method, direct to garment.  Usually customers are charged per color applied to the shirt because each color is done separately with a different stencil.

Quality screen printing is an art form and requires great attention to detail.  Be Markable has been doing quality screen printing for years and only uses superior products.  If you have a large quantity of shirts with relatively simple colors, tshirt screen printing may be your best option.  Be Markable will talk to you about your project and discuss the best tshirt printing option for you – Contact us Now!